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​Lab Meeting

Our lab meeting will be held every Monday 9am this semester (20200-2021).

Every week, one student will give a "formal" presentation on her/his project, and three students will lead the discussion of a paper each.

Presenters and discussion leaders must upload the files to the Nut Share.


If you have more questions, please contact Xiangyin Chen. 



Since 2020, you will find all papers discussed in our Jounal Club on Mendeley Group


Presentation: Jiaqiang Wu

Journal Club: Qinglin Wang, Zijing Zhang, Qina Cao

  • Robertson et al. 2019 Comparison of Co-housing and Littermate Methods for Microbiota Standardization in Mouse Models. Cell Reports

  • Holder et al. 2018 Dietary Emulsifiers Consumption Alters Anxiety-Like and Social-Related Behaviors in Mice in A Sex-Dependent Manner. Scientific Reports

  • Gao et al. 2018 Antibiotics-Induced Modulation of Large Intestinal Microbiota Altered Aromatic Amino Acid Profile and Expression of Neurotransmitters in the Hypothalamus of Piglets. 
    Journal of Neurochemistry


Presentation: Xiaohuan Mu, Haolin Qu

Journal Club: Haoyu Lang, Jieni Wang, Huihui Sun, Tianjin Cui


Presentation: Huijuan Duan

Journal Club: Qinglin Wang, Zijing Zhang, Jiaqiang Wu, Qina Cao


Presentation: Tianjin Cui

Journal Club: Qinglin Wang, Jieni Wang, Huihui Sun, Xiaohuan Mu

  • Schulfer et al. 2019 The impact of Early-Life Sub-therapeutic Antibiotic Treatment (STAT) on Excessive Weight Is Robust despite Transfer Microbes. ISME

  • Hochstein et al. 2019 The Deposit Feeder Capitella telex Has A Unique and Relatively Complex Microbiome Likely Supporting Its Ability to Degrade Pollutants. 
    Science of the Total Environment

  • Baker et al. 2019 Klebsiella and Providencia Emerge as Long Survivors Following Long-Term Starvation of Oral Microbiota. PNAS

  • Guo et al. 2018 Metagenomic Study Suggests That the Gut Microbiota of the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) May Not Be Specialized for Fiber Fermentation. Frontiers in Microbiology


Presentation: Qina Cao

Journal Club: Haoyu Lang, Zijing Zhang, Jiaqiang Wu, Huijuan Duan


Presentation: Jieni Wang

Journal Club: Haoyu Lang, Tianjin Cui, Huihui Sun, Xiaohuan Mu


Presentation: Zijing Zhang

Journal Club: Qinglin Wang, Qina Cao, Jiaqiang Wu, Huijuan Duan


Presentation: Huihui Sun

Journal Club: Haoyu Lang, Tianjin Cui, Jieni Wang, Xiaohuan Mu


Presentation: Qinglin Wang

Journal Club: Zijing Zhang, Qina Cao, Jiaqiang Wu, Huijuan Duan


Presentation: Haoyu Lang

Journal Club: Tianlin Cui, Xiaohuan Mu, Jieni Wang, Huihui Sun


Journal Club: Tianlin Cui, Zijing Zhang, Qina Cao, Qinglin Wang


Presentation: Tianlin Cui

Journal Club: Jieni Wang, Huihui Sun, Haoyu Lang

  • Fu et al. 2018 Tracking Vibrio cholerae Cell-Cell Interactions during Infection Reveals Bacterial Population Dynamics within Intestinal Microenvironments. Cell Host & Microbe

  • Ruppé et al. 2019 Prediction of Intestinal Resistome by A Three-Dimensional Structure-Based Method.                     Nature Microbiology

  • Waldschmitt et al. 2018 The Regenerating Family Member 3 β Instigates IL- 17A-Mediated Neutrophil Recruitment Downstream of NOD1/2 Signalling for Controlling Colonisation Resistance Independently of Microbiota Community Structure. Mucosai Immunity


Presentation: Qina Cao

Journal Club: Zijing Zhang, Jiaqiang Wu, Qinglin Wang


Presentation: Jieni Wang

Journal Club: Tianlin Cui, Huihui Sun


Presentation: Zijing Zhang

Journal Club: Qinglin Wang, Jiaqiang Wu, Qina Cao


Journal Club: Tianlin Cui, Haoyu Lang, Huihui Sun


Presentation: Qinglin Wang

Journal Club: Qina Cao, Jieni Wang, Jiaqiang Wu


Presentation: Huihui Sun

Journal Club: Zijing Zhang, Tianlin Cui, Haoyu Lang


Presentation: Jiaqiang Wu

Journal Club: Qinzhi Su, Jieni Wang, Qina Cao, Qinglin Wang


Presentation: Haoyu Lang

Journal Club: Zijing Zhang, Huihui Sun, Chenyi Li, Tianlin Cui


Presentation: Qina Cao

Journal Club: Jiaqiang Wu, Qinglin Wang, Qinzhi Su, Jieni Wang


Presentation: Tianlin Cui, Qing Guo


Presentation: Zijing Zhang

Journal Club: Huihui Sun, Chenyi Li, Haoyu Lang, Qina Cao


Presentation: Jieni Wang

Journal Club: Jiaqiang Wu, Qinglin Wang, Qinzhi Su, Tianlin Cui


Presentation: Huihui Sun

Journal Club: Jieni Wang, Jiaqiang Wu, Zijing Zhang


Presentation: Jiaqing Wu, Haoyu Lang

Journal Club: Tianlin Cui, Qinan Cao, Chenyi Li, Qinzhi Su

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